5(7 reviews)
27 Sep, 2021

They listened to our concerns

They listened to our concerns and are creating a plan to find out why before prescribing medication. Very courteous and professional staff.

Sandy Wheat-Phelps, 28 years

16 Nov, 2021

Great practice! Everyone was very friendly

Great practice! Everyone was very friendly and I felt that they listened to me, not talked at me just to get me out quickly.

Andra Luigi, 34 years

8 Nov, 2021

I had such a good experience with Lone Star Neurology

I had such a good experience with Lone Star Neurology, Brent my MRI Tech was so awesome and made sure I was very comfortable during the appointment. He gave me ear plugs, a pillow, leg support and blanket, easiest MRI ever lol 🤣 My 72 hour EEG nurse Amanda was also so awesome. She made sure I was take care of over the 3 days and took her time with the electrodes to make sure it was comfortable for me! Paige was also a huge help in answering all my questions when it came to my test results, and letting me know her honest opinions about how I should go forth with my treatment.

Isabel Ivy, 38 years

25 Oct, 2021

I had a very good experience.

I had a very good experience. Everyone was friendly, courteous and made me feel like they really wanted to help me. The Staff explained all the procedures which helped me feel comfortable and my doctor, Ramin Ansari, explained all the results in detail.

Mae Green, 31 years

18 Oct, 2021

The best Neurology Center

The best Neurology Center that I have been a patient of since moving to Texas! Great physicians, great care, and even better customer service.

Raquel Blackburn, 33 years

10 Sep, 2021

Dr. Sheth and staff go above and beyond for patient hospitality

Dr. Sheth and staff go above and beyond for patient hospitality and concerns. I had Dr. Sheth for a chiropractic misalignment 10 years ago. Extremely knowledgeable and listens to details to help best treat the issues. Grateful then to stop the migraines and now still no migraines since her treatment. Now I bring my Mother for dementia treatment and same excellent hospitality and kind regards to patient and family. Thank you all for the best patient experience during times that can be stressful for families.

Mary Gorley, 32 years

31 Oct, 2021

The professionalism and want to help the attitude

The professionalism and want-to-help attitude of this office was present from the moment I contacted them. The follow-up and follow-through as well as their willingness to find a way to schedule my dad was above and beyond. We visited two offices on the same day with the same experience. I am appreciative of this—we spend a lot of time with doctors and this was top-notch start to finish.

Leslie Luce, 39 years

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