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Frequently asked questions

What is a seizure?

Seizures are episodes of temporary brain dysfunction due to abnormal electrical activity

If I have a seizure, do I have epilepsy?

Not everyone who has had a seizure has epilepsy. Seizures can be caused by alcohol or drug withdrawal, high fevers, or low blood sugar

What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a condition of the brain in which a person has repeated seizures (2 or more).

What is a generalized seizure?

A generalized seizure is a seizure that affects both sides of the brain.

What is a focal seizure?

A focal seizure affects just one area of the brain.

What can I do if my loved one is having a seizure?

Carefully turn the person onto their left side, use a soft flat object (pillow or jacket) to put under their head, make sure the area is clear of any hazardous objects, time the seizure, call 911 if seizure is over >5 minutes, call Lone Star Neurology

What should I NOT do if my loved one is having a seizure?

Do not put anything in their mouth, do not try to restrain their movements and hold them down, do not give food/water until they are fully alert

What are some triggers for seizures?

Skipping doses of medication, lack of sleep, alcohol use, drug use

Can I drink alcohol with epilepsy?

You should steer clear of alcohol. Alcohol can increase your risk for breakthrough seizures and can affect how the seizure medications work. The combination of alcohol and seizure medications can cause undesirable side effects.

Can I drive after I have a seizure?

Laws vary by state. In Texas, you should be seizure-free for 3 months before driving.

Will I need to be on medication for seizures for the rest of my life?

It depends on the type of seizure you have. You should never stop your medication before discussing with your provider.

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27 Sep, 2021

They listened to our concerns

They listened to our concerns and are creating a plan to find out why before prescribing medication. Very courteous and professional staff.

Sandy Wheat-Phelps, 28 years

16 Nov, 2021

Great practice! Everyone was very friendly

Great practice! Everyone was very friendly and I felt that they listened to me, not talked at me just to get me out quickly.

Andra Luigi, 34 years

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